Clay Aiken’s Charity Isn’t That Charitable

Jeannette Walls of reports that ‘American Idol’ season two runner-up co-founded the Bubel/Aiken foundation to benefit children with disabilities, but a document filed with the Internal Revenue Service revealed that of the more than $1 million the group raised last year, less than a third was handed out in grants. Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken’s Charity Isn’t That Charitable

  1. Smile says:

    According to this article, the money is still going to the foundation and the expenses in running it. They aren’t saying Clay is keeping the money or anything like that. So what’s the big deal? It does seem like they could do things to lower the costs of running the business, but I’m not sure it’s worth alot of attention.

  2. brotboy says:

    You are right! All his good deeds go unmentioned and just when they “think” they’ve got something bad on him you hear/read about it all over the place! To bad for them this (claim) turned out to be untrue!

  3. Hunglo says:

    Clay Aiken Fan = 40+ never married Woman with 12 cats

  4. champagne_dancer says:

    Clay’s foundation has opened up several programs in my city…kids who could never go’, ‘to camp now have more than three camps to go to. The Bubel/Aiken Foundation is doing great, and no gossip columnist can detract from the good work Clay and B/A is doing. Jeanette Walls can kiss my brown star.

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