Click Five Say Positives Of Touring With Backstreet Outweigh Negatives

Before went on tour with the , they decided “the positives outweigh the negatives.” Drummer Joey Zehr tells the Bradenton Herald: “I think when people see us play live they’ll realize we’re a different kind of pop band than what you’re normally getting these days. Really, we’re a full-on rock band with good melodies and shimmering guitars.” He added: “No one is worried about being labeled as a boy band. All that is saying is that we’re, like, big time. We’re so amped about the whole thing. We knew from the start there would be plenty of haters.”

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8 thoughts on “Click Five Say Positives Of Touring With Backstreet Outweigh Negatives

  1. ihatehilary says:

    they’ll think otherwise the first time Nick gets drunk and goes on a fat rampage.

  2. SkItTleZzZ_n_DeLiLah says:

    forget them. I’m weighing the positives and negatives of going to a backstreet concert with those half-tards performing. and there are absolutely no positives to listening to them whine. anyways, backstreet’s opening acts always reek. I loved when they didn’t have any. oh, shaggy was was Mandy moore. and ac when he COULD sing. like…years ago. but that’s about it.

  3. galleta says:

    Boy band is just a label thrown about usually by rockers and their fans to box singers in. Any men are a boy band hell the Beatles were a boy band rolling stones are a boy band, Green Day is a pop-rock boy band. That’s a tired insult and its getting even more tired as its repeated. Click Five isn’t that bad actually.They are trendy and fall right into the same category as Green Day and Chemical Romance. None of these guys are REAL ROCK guys nowadays. U2 is a Real ROCK band, and none of them is even in the same league as U2 .Green Day , Click Five are toddlers when they grow up they may become REAL ROCKERS. Click Five need to thank God BSB allowed them to be the opening act they wouldn’t have gotten that exposure on thier own.

  4. TotallyBitchassing says:

    I don’t like Click Five’s music. It’s cheesy.

  5. Smile says:

    Click Five should think the positives outweight the negatives or they need to stop touring with them. The Backstreet Boys are helping their careers, so they should be thankful for it.

  6. SkItTleZzZ_n_DeLiLah says:

    OH F*CKIN LUCIFER! READ THIS GALLETA’, ‘the click five are in no way related to mcr OR green day. ESPECIALLY not green day. they are not even in the same GENRE of ROCK. the click five is an embarrassment to rock. sugary pop with turned up guitars. they are the comparison to a teeny gc, simple plan, and the other falsified new-age teenaged ‘rockers’ that popped up at the turn of the century. green day have been around for YEARS and have earned solid respect from the people and now the critics. they do not sing about little girls they are chasing around. putting green day in a category with children like *disgust* the click five….that is such a disgrace to green day. I can’t even think on it. and green day are and always will be a REAL ROCK BAND. u2 are the screaming sell outs if you ask me. but they are legends in their own (u2). I don’t squash other folks’ opinions. but these are facts, so I had to set this sh*t straight. the only thing ‘trendy’ about click five are the suits they all wear. their music settles them into a lesser category of bubblegum rock, below gc and simple plan. still pathetic, just more-so. I agree with your last sentence, though. the only station that plays them around here is radio disney. where they belong. and I live in…great path they’re on to success. with the five year old kiddies jumpin up and down, bobbin their lil heads. I’m a fan of backstreet because they are what they’ve always said they were – a vocal harmony group. no bullsh*t. just great singers. I respect that. just don’t respect their opening act.

  7. galleta says:

    I like your style and the fact that you can give me your opinion in a way without’, ‘acting like a 3 year old like so many others here. But when I heard Click the first thing that popped in my mine was GD. I like GD also but I really don’t consider them real rock. They are no where in that league to me, but then again that’s my opinion. In todays rock world the real rockers are U2, white stripes those are rock groups to me and I love the old rockers as… rolling stones, Aerosmith I still listen to their stuff. GD can’t touch those guys. Its just what you like as an individual I guess.

  8. bsbfan4life09 says:

    click five are really cool, and I think they are good… when I was 7 I went to the bsb millenium tour and sisqo performed the thong song…that was good. I got to meet and greet with click five…they are soo funny and full of energy

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