Clique Girlz Go Jogging In Central Park

Ariel Moore, Paris and Destinee Monroe of Clique Girlz in New York TV episode 25 features , Paris and Destinee Monroe going for a jog in Central Park, exercising and getting in a water bottle fight. Next the pop trio were seen sitting down for an interview, responding to how making their album was like. The episode ends with the girls visiting the Cupcake Café in New York City.

“It was hard and fun at the same time,” Destinee said about making the album. “Because you get to bond with the producers and just have a really fun time.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Clique Girlz Visit Radio Disney

November 5, 2008 – Clique Girlz TV episode 24 features Destinee, Ariel and Paris visiting Radio Disney and showing off their crazy nails inspired by their trip to Japan. The trio talked about how their looks have changed a bit, their personalities haven’t, participating in the AT&T Team USA Soundtrack with their song ‘Incredible’, and Olympic hero Michael Phelps. Watch the video via YouTube below.

Clique Girlz Sing National Anthem In Tokyo

October 15, 2008 – Clique Girlz TV episode 21 features Destinee, Ariel and Paris rehearsing the national anthem in Tokyo, Japan, before hitting the field to perform the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ to open the 2008 season with a game between the Boston Red Sox and the Oakland A’s at the Tokyo Dome back in March. The pop trio talked with Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz, aka Big Papi, and the team’s manager Terry Francona. Watch it via YouTube below.

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