Clubbers Spoil Josh Hoge Show At Canal Room

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@joshhoge) on Monday (March 23), upset about how his gig on Friday at the Canal Room ended. The Nashville singer songwriter tells readers:

So we are about to leave Boston, and head towards Cleveland with a full day to drive which usually means we try to find a stop somewhere with bowling, putt putt, batting cages, bumper boats or whatever fun activities! The tour is off and running and we are having a blast! The turnouts have been awesome and shows have all been great! Have to make a quick point about the NYC show tho… last Friday night in NY was an AMAZING night. Great turnout, great energy, yada yada. Just before the show starts the club lets us know that they become a dance club at 11pm and we’d have to be all out and done. So during my last song the a**hole bouncers start letting “clubbers” in who are talking their ass off etc. If you were there you probably noticed my mood change. I told em to shut up, and actually think I flipped em a bird. haha. Anywho I just wanted to say if you were there it was not at all directed towards you guys (as you were all awesome). I also was pissed cause they immediately started kicking everyone out and Curtis and I didn’t get to hang at merch and meet folks or chat. So I’m sorry the way it ended up and I hope all the people clubbing had a good time hearing Lady Gaga over and over. I will be back this summer and will make sure its just a concert and that’s it on the night I play and wherever it is. :)

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