CNN Chats With Mariah Carey After Grammy Nominations

CNN entertainment correspondent Brooke Anderson spoke with after she helped announce the Grammy Award nominations in New York City earlier today. The singer also talked about her big comeback after a rough period a few years ago with ‘Glitter’, her thoughts on the 25th anniversary of the death of John Lennon and competing with his former Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney in the Album of the Year category, how she chose her outfit for today’s announcement, and more. Read on for a complete transcript.

to you.

They’re saying good morning.

I am here with the lady of the hour, Mariah Carey, leading the nominees
with eight nominations. I’ve been going through them. There are some 50
pages on this release, so I haven’t gotten through them all, but album
of the year the biggest nomination.

How are you feeling about this?

MARIAH CAREY, SINGER: I feel just so blessed, really. It’s been such
an amazing year. And this album really means so much to me that I — you
know, I’m just full of gratitude. It’s been an incredible morning.

ANDERSON: Quadruple platinum for “The Emancipation of Mimi.” You’ve
had a rough few years, but this is just the comeback story that everyone
loves to see.

CAREY: Well, thank you. I mean, I look at it like everybody who has
a career with longevity has peaks and valleys, and you have to go through
them. And it’s all part of, like, the next lesson, you know, that we are
here to learn. And I’m just blessed to be able to make music, and I’m grateful
that this album is being well received. So it’s a blessing.

ANDERSON: You are no stranger to Grammy nominations and awards. Talk
to me about how the Grammys have changed your career, have impacted you
as an artist over the years.

CAREY: Well, the Grammys, just being able to, you know, touted as Grammy
winner is a big deal, you know? I have my fabulous Grammy pin on today.

ANDERSON: It looks nice.

CAREY: It’s wonderfully — a wonderful gift.


CAREY: So, yes. So it’s a great thing.

ANDERSON: Well, it’s an exciting day in the music world, but also a
very somber day. It’s the 25th anniversary of the death of John Lennon,
as you know, one of the most influential songwriters, performers ever.

CAREY: Ever.

ANDERSON: What impact do you feel he had? And did he influence you in
your music?

CAREY: I think John Lennon influenced everybody in their music whether
they know it or not. I mean, just as an artist in general and what he did
for the world, and just the songwriter that he was and the way that his
songs still impact the world. You know, just even the song “Imagine,” somebody
singing that song with a new interpretation today can change a moment,
can change anybody’s — you know, can change the world. So he did that.

ANDERSON: And from that former Beatle to another, Paul McCartney, you’ll
be competing with him in the Album of the Year category.

CAREY: Oh, well, you know, I can’t even — I can’t even imagine that.

ANDERSON: Good company to be in.

And talk to me. You look wonderful. It’s cold outside.

CAREY: It is.

ANDERSON: They were asking earlier, “What’s Mariah wearing?”

How did you choose your outfit?

CAREY: It was a drama. Of course I was supposed to have another outfit,
and that didn’t work. And I said I’ll throw on a sweater and a little —
really, I just wanted to wear my top, but it’s morning. I don’t usually
have morning attire, because morning attire for me is pajamas.

ANDERSON: Well, you look great. Got a little bling-bling going on there.

CAREY: Thank you. You look fabulous as well.

ANDERSON: Oh, I appreciate that. A compliment from Mariah Carey. Wow.
That’s good stuff.

Now, looking forward to the Grammys in February, what are you most excited
about for that evening?

CAREY: I’m most excited to see the performances. I think that the Grammys
always do such an amazing job with, you know, who performs and how it’s
done, and just musically directed to a tee. So that’s going to be great.

ANDERSON: And talk to me about what you plan to do next. What is Mariah
Carey — what do you still want to do?

CAREY: I want my Christmas vacation, which I’m very excited about.

ANDERSON: What is it? Where are you going?

CAREY: I’m going Aspen. And me and my friends are like literally —
we act like 8-year-olds, we go sleigh riding, we, you know, do all those
things. And it’s fun.

ANDERSON: A big snow skier as well?

CAREY: I wouldn’t call myself a big snow skier. I go down the mountain
about once and then I’m back in the jewelry store.

ANDERSON: On the kiddie slope maybe?

CAREY: I’m in the blue now.

ANDERSON: Oh, the blue’s pretty good.

CAREY: Yes. And I’m also trying to land a snowboard. So maybe this year.

ANDERSON: Well, congratulation as on all of your success on this album
and eight Grammy nominations. That is something.

CAREY: Sweet of you.

ANDERSON: We appreciate you joining us. Mariah Carey.

CAREY: I appreciate you having me. Thank you.

ANDERSON: Of course.

And the Grammys will be handed out in Los Angeles February 8.

Good luck.

Back to you guys.

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