CNN Fake News Generator Creating Fools Of The Gullible

No doubt the ridiculous fake stories of various celebrities dying will become more widespread with the fake news generator. Throughout today, several message boards fell for the garbage — Jennifer Lopez being the ‘victim’ — from people too lazy to see the root IP was an IP address, and had they stripped the remaining URL would have realized this.

Jennifer Lopez Used To Be Perfume Bootlegger

January 26, 2003 – The Sunday People reports Jennifer admits to selling bootleg perfume when she lived in the Bronx. She said, “Everyone knew you could get scents cheaper than in the department stores.” With Glow by J.Lo, Lopez no doubt has a different opinion of the practice.

J.Lo & Ben On ‘Gigli’ Set Where Woman Is Blinded Temporarily

January 26, 2003 – On the set of the Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck movie ‘Gigli’, a mishap happened for an innocent bystander. A woman named Ethel Higley, standing nearby the set, was temporarily blinded by large mirrors put in use by the crew who were ordered by the executive producer of the movie, John Hardy, to thwart the paparazzi who were trying to take pictures of Jennifer and Ben on the Santa Monica, California beach. Higley became dizzy from the intense bright light of the sun reflected in the mirrors directly into her eyes and fell over in the sand. She suffered a migraine headache and blurred vision and had to be helped by Los Angeles County Fire Department Paramedics. Ms. Higley was then transported by ambulance to the hospital while filming of the movie continued.

Waiting List To Marry Jennifer Lopez

January 26, 2003 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Thursday, “This Sunday Jennifer Lopez’s latest divorce will be official and that will now clear the way for her to marry Ben Affleck. For those of you that haven’t married J.Lo yet, there’s a waiting list eight months long.”

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  1. Ethel Higley says:

    #2 was definitely true. I should know, I was there! Had to have back surgery after hitting rock

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