CNN’s ‘People In The News’: Lindsay Lohan

was featured on CNN’s ‘People In The News’ program this weekend. The show talked about how despite numerous offers to star in other films, Lindsay’s family wanted her to be a child first and actor second. She went home to Long Island, and attended her dad’s alma mater, Cold Spring Harbor High. “My family was — especially my mother — was very stern about the fact that I — they wanted me in school, and to experience going through high school and have an education,” Lohan said. “You know, grow up with friends and go through all of that, and you know, have normal experiences. And I’ve always had that.” Check out the complete transcript here.

Is Jessica Simpson’s Dad Planting Gossip About Lindsay?

RadarOnLine reports that Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s father Joe has been spreading nasty gossip about rival singer/actress Lindsay Lohan. “Joe called our head offices himself and ranted and raved about it,” a top editor at one of the weeklies revealed. “It was obvious he wanted to paint Lindsay as a bitch. He couldn’t believe anyone would dare ban Jessica from any party because, as he said, ‘She’s a huge superstar.’ …Joe will do anything to make sure she’s in the papers every week and he knows Lindsay’s an easy target.” The full story at has since been removed.

Chats With Ryan Seacrest

was on On Air with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS 102.7 in Los Angeles on June 21st. Lohan talked about the last time she called in to clear up a rumor while filming ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’, how she’s grown up in the past year, the “mean tabloids”, having no regrets, a desire to visit Iraq and start a charity, the attention she’s been getting later from designers, rumors that she’s dating Diego Garcia of Elefant, her “date” earlier this month with Ryan, almost getting hit by the paparazzi again, and more. Audio has since been removed from

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5 thoughts on “CNN’s ‘People In The News’: Lindsay Lohan

  1. popstar says:

    someone’s trying to create the sweet family life image like Hilary Duff’s…

  2. CharlotteNCusa says:

    Estranged Father’, ‘Interesting that she says her childhood was normal, however she and her father do NOT even speak? Once again, celebrities live in their own reality.

  3. hooker says:

    That fake boobs slutty, Lindsay is so FAKE! One of my lists of pretending celebrities, honest, and, I meant, that, please. She is so flirt, people knew, as if, she’s carrying a sweet image, but, deep down, there is no difference between her, and, J-ho, Cristina A., Britney, and others. What that, sex sells in music? The worst, you gave a comment, base on what they’re doing, as, if, they don’t know, what they’re doing, OMG. Proof, look at your actions, on your music videos, please. Dirty.(for money’s sake, I guess, eh. OMG. I’m shaking!) Go enjoy, being famous, fame, fortune, power, lust, etc, you too, your time will come someday, being famous, is not permanent, stars may come and go, trust me. Thank you, all!

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    Did she meant that they don’t speak now, or didn’t speak when she was a child? Because them not speaking now in the present doesn’t mean that her childhood in general wasn’t “normal.” Something could have happened as she grew out of her childhood that led them to not speak.

  5. Michelle13105 says:

    you don’t have to have a good relationship with your father or for that matter….’, ‘a father in your life to have a great childhood. no father here and i can honestly say i think I’m better off without him. i didn’t miss out on anything and i had a great childhood.

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