Coco Sumner Discusses ‘The Constant’ Title Track

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco talks about how her song 'The Constant' is about invisible loveTrack eight in I Blame Coco’s exclusive track-by-track look at Coco Sumner’s debut album ‘The Constant’ features Coco giving viewers the lowdown on the title track itself.

“‘The Constant’, it rounds up the entire record in one song really,” the daughter of Sting explained. “Musically and lyrically. The beginning has this constant drone that goes on throughout the whole song. You don’t really notice it once you’re in the middle, but it’s still there.”

As for how it was created, she said, “It’s about invisible love. In producing ‘The Constant’, me and Dan Carey, we used lots of different instruments, different synths and stuff. Roland SH2, which was good fun to use. We put it through a Culture Vulture, it’s a machine that makes things sound good basically. We programmed drums and had real drums. Leo (Taylor) from the Invisibles played the drums on that song. Leo made it sound really good I think. He definitely brought something to the table.”

Describing the meaning of the track, Coco said, “The song is sort of about invisible love. Love that you really can’t hold or touch or anything like that, hence the line ‘phantom hearts feel too’, because they’re not really there.”

Video of the comments has since been removed.

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