Coco Sumner Enters A New Decade

Coco Sumner of checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@iblamecoco) on Wednesday (August 4), discussing how she celebrated her 20th birthday and the game plan for releasing the band’s debut album ‘The Constant’. Sting’s daughter writes:

Hello everyone.

The band and I have continued to have a busy time this month…

First and foremost it was my birthday last Friday and I entered a new decade… the 20s. On the Saturday we played the 1 year anniversary of No Time For Heroes at the Queen of Hoxton in London Town. There was a brilliant line up and I can safely say that I am now a great fan of Phantom, Rodeo Massacre and Smatka. Twas a top night!

In the lead up towards the release of the album. I’ve decided to write a track by track week by week discussions of the thing. Also I’m going to be answering a couple of questions from you guys. So go ahead and probe me!

Ps I moved into a new flat this week… Hectic but exciting.

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