Cody Simpson Concert And Interview

Cody Simpson singing during his Walmart Soundcheck

did a live set for Walmart Soundcheck, where the 14-year-old performed ‘Good As It Gets’, ‘Crazy But True’, ‘On My Mind’, ‘Angel’, ‘Not Just You’ and ‘All Day’ for an audience of young female fans.

During an interview with the Australian pop singer, Cody talked about why he named his new EP ‘Coast to Coast’, contributing to the EP’s production, getting big on YouTube, the importance of believing in yourself, how songwriting is natural to him on guitar, and growing up listening to country music.

“Whenever I’m writing a song individually, I’m usually writing on my guitar, because it’s an instrument I grew up playing,” Cody explained. “I’ve been playing it for seven years now and it’s something that’s very natural to me. If I ever have a guitar riff or a guitar cord progression that I enjoy and want to start writing a song to, I’ll definitely always do it on a guitar.”

Watch the live set and interview at Check out additional pictures from the show below the cut.

Cody Simpson Walmart Soundcheck
Cody Simpson on the mic during his Walmart Soundcheck
Cody Simpson performs on acoustic guitar during his Walmart Soundcheck show
Cody Simpson acoustic performance during Walmart Soundcheck
Cody Simpson flashes the horns during Walmart Soundcheck

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