Cody Simpson Excited To Release His Debut Album

Downtown Julie Brown welcomed Australian teen pop star to ‘The Music Insider’ studio for an interview aired on December 22nd. Cody talked about being discovered thanks to his YouTube videos – but not doing it with the intention to become a pop star, his love for hip hop music, finishing up his new album in January to release soon, working with Justin Bieber, and more.

“I’ve been creating this great sound and I’m really excited,” Cody explained. “I think there’s a point in every artist’s career, my career is obviously just beginning I haven’t even released a debut album yet, but I think it’s definitely a great time to do that in 2012 and I’m excited for it. I’m gonna go out and tour in February. It’s gonna be a really great year.”

Watch the 20-minute ‘TMI’ interview via YouTube below.

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