Cody Simpson Talks About The Importance Of Daily Workouts

Cody Simpson talks about the importance of using the gym so he's healthy on stage doing his dances

works up a sweat at the gym in episode nine of ‘Cody Simpson: Wish U Were Here’. The video features Cody talking about the importance of a workout, along with his trainer.

“Day off today,” Cody said in the video. “We’re in the gym right now. I think it’s very important that I come to the gym everyday, because I’m dancing on stage for an hour every single night, so it’s important to stay dynamic, stay healthy, stay fit. Our whole crew is in here doing workouts and we all make sure that we stay on the job every single day.”

Cody’s trainer Jeffrey Traynor added, “It’s very important we get these workouts in every day, if not twice a day, because we don’t have the normal schedule people could have in their everyday lives, whether it’s walking around the mall or at your job or at school, you’re walking around school all day. A lot of the tour life involves sitting or waiting, whether we’re sitting driving somewhere on the bus, or if we’re doing a signing or radio promo, we’re just stationary a lot, so we make sure every day we get into the gym or we go on a run outside, or sit-ups on the bus.”

Watch the webisode via YouTube below.

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