Cody Simpson Talks Meet And Greets, Fans’ Homemade Gifts

Cody Simpson flexes with Veronica, dressed as a ketchup bottle

Episode 3 of Cody Simpson’s ‘The Paradise Series’ sees the Australian pop singer serenading a crowd of screaming fans at his last meet and greet in the U.S. Hosting the behind the scenes clip is one of Cody’s biggest fans, Veronica, who dressed up as his favorite condiment, a bottle of ketchup.

Cody Simpson at meet and greet“I get some pretty cool things at my meet and greets,” Cody said after meeting with the fans. “I’ve pretty much gotten a lifetime supply of cereal and ketchup by now, and I get a bunch of homemade scrapbooks, t-shirts, a bunch of things. On the subject of homemade, I had these girls bring me these Vans yesterday, and they kind of drew on them. Customized with beach kind of stuff that I like. I thought they were pretty rad. I was pretty stoked about that. Today I got to the end of the meet and greets in the U.S. for the tour with Justin Bieber, and the next meet and greets we’ll be doing are in Europe next month, and I hope to see some of my European fans over there.”

Watch the webisode, featuring footage of the customized Vans he received, and his ‘Wish U Were Here’ performance, via YouTube below.

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