Cojo’s Thumbs Up To Simpson, Down To Clarkson

Entertainment Tonight’s Steven Cojocaru commented on some of the week’s fashion hits and misses, including at the G&P ball. “I thought she looked really beautiful,” Cojo revealed. “She looked like a goddess in that gown, and the hair was really nice, curly & nice!” On the downside, Cojo said of ‘American Idol’ champ Kelly Clarkson at the Radio Music Awards: “Lovely, sweet, adorable Kelly, wearing this satin monstrosity! She looked like a flight attendant on Mars!”

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2 thoughts on “Cojo’s Thumbs Up To Simpson, Down To Clarkson

  1. shadybaby says:

    Why do I care?I watch the award shows to see who deserve awards not to hear some guy who isn’t dressed good himself tell who is dressed well or not.And by the way J.S. is a stupid idiot. She cannot dress good.

  2. famefan says:

    That’s NOT what he said! I saw that segment and he said that she looked “like a goddess” but “her hair was WRONG!” He said to Mary Hart that because she was wearing a gown she should have worn her hair slicked back but…” then he shrugged and made a face. If you are going to report something please try to be accurate. Not everyone kisses Jessica’s fat ass all the time like some people like to imaging. Once again the hillbilly in Jessica shines through!

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