Colbie Caillat Checks In From Germany During Mini Tour

Colbie Caillat with her Myspace friends on Sunday (November 18) with the following bulletin:

Hey ya’ll!

Right now my band and I are in Germany doin a mini tour and then we go to London next week! It has been so much fun! We have a double decker tour bus, it is honestly the coolest thing ever!
To all of you who have been coming to the shows here in Germ… (danke) Thank you so much! It means so much to me that you come out and sing all my songs even though they are in a different language!

And to all of you who are comin to my shows coming up back in the states or who have been coming to the shows during the fall tour, thank you! You have been such wonderful audiences! It really helps out with my stage fright when you sing along and smile at me while im up on stage!

Anyways… I just wanted to give you all an update on where I am in the world and how things are! It’s cold here in Germany, there is snow on the ground. But it is beautiful and a big change from the weather I’m used to in Southern Cali!

you are all well and stayin warm!
See you soon!


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