Colbie Caillat Sits Down With FOX All Access

Colbie Caillat interviewed in her backyard welcomed Chris Leary of FOX All Access to her backyard for an interview, talking about her background, first playing guitar at 19 and piano at 14, being inspired by Lauryn Hill, what she did in high school, the story behind her new song ‘Fallin’ For You’, how stage fright inspired the title ‘Breakthrough’, writing about everything she’s observing in life, and more.

“The first time I played guitar was when I was nineteen, because I really didn’t pick it up because it hurt my fingers too much and I just didn’t practice enough,” Colbie explained. “I started playing piano when I was fourteen, but I really started singing when I was eleven. I did my first school talent show when I was in 6th grade with my two best friends.”

On her swimming background, Colbie said, “I was on the swim team, dive team and water polo team in high school.”

Watch the 2-part interview below.

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