Colbie Caillat ‘So Proud’ Of Jason Reeves And His New Album

posted the following bulletin to fans on MySpace on Wednesday (August 15). She writes:

New album from Jason Reeves

Hey you guys! Jasons album comes out August 30th! Sooooo exciting! I just wanted to let you know cause I’m so proud of him! You will love it, like his other albums! The guy knows how to write beautiful songs! His album’s called ‘The Beautiful Adventures of Heartache’. My favorite song is ‘Entwined’!

And thank you to all of you who are listening to my songs still, are comin to the shows, and bought ‘Coco’! this is such an exciting time for me, Jason, Mikal, and everyone whos been working with us on this record and everything involving it! I can’t wait for you to hear my band, I love these boys so much! And so will you! See some of you soon! Please take care of your selves! ~Cc

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