Colbie Caillat Tries To Write Optimistic Songs

Colbie Caillat wearing cutoffs

spoke with Boston Music Spotlight about her propensity to write happy music, how that attitude is influenced by growing up in Southern California, being able to play shows with crowds that now know the music on her new album ‘All of You’, and being a fan of the east coast.

“When I write songs, I do try to make them optimistic,” the 26-year-old said. “When I’m feeling sad or upset or a friend is going through a hard time, I write about it – I write about what’s going on. But I change it halfway through the song and try to make it how I want it to be or how it should be or how it can be if we make changes. I don’t like feeling that way for too long, so I want to turn things around as quick as possible and make them happy. And even if it doesn’t work for me or someone, maybe it will work for one person.”

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