Colin Farrell Barely Knew Britney Spears

WENN reports Colin Farrell has denied romancing Britney Spears – insisting he had no idea he’d cause a “media frenzy” after being pictured with the singer at the premiere of his film ‘The Recruit’ in January. “I was sitting in a hotel with 25, 30 of my family and friends who came over from Dublin, and she’s talking to someone in the corner with her friends,” he explained. “I’m going, ‘Isn’t this dandy? We’re all having drinks before the premiere.’ We then go to the premiere, the limo door opens, we all get out, and it was a media frenzy… I honestly didn’t think that would happen. It’s not that I’m dumb. I just don’t think sometimes.”

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5 thoughts on “Colin Farrell Barely Knew Britney Spears

  1. Dancer4Life says:

    Wasn’t this posted already? Like a few months ago?

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    I never read that post before. anyways, that was a funny story. lol…so basically Britney kissed a stranger?! hehe, I figured they had talked to each beforehand, but it looks like they didn’t. Britney…tsk tsk. hehe. I don’t blame her tho…. that’s colin farrelll!

  3. justincaseyestwo says:

    The way I figure it the above comment was written and rehearsed a WHOLE bunch of times. Britney’s album is coming out soon so she’s trying to get the above out one more time. Just make a tape recording. Exact same words every time. Notice they don’t keep repeating the statement he made about going to bed with Britney and doing EVERYTHING but have “actual intercourse” because they ?couldn’t find a condom? I guess her representatives figure if you just keep saying the above over and over and over then everyone will forget all the other comments that he made. AND the other times they have been together.

  4. jimmypee says:

    lol it was a publicity stunt. clear as day. sad. he could’ve continued it and got a load of publicity for weeks, but she is obviously too immature for him, so the next day he was kissing a new girl.

  5. PopDiva says:

    Oh yeah, like his nasty ass had to know her to kiss. He would’ve slept with her if she’d given him the chance. Bed hopping jerk.

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