College Women Exploring Sapphic Desires

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “According to Playboy, in a Playboy poll of college women, 57% of college women would cheat on their boyfriend with Angelina Jolie. 20% would cheat with Britney Spears, and 12% of women would sleep with Paris Hilton. Here’s my question — where the hell is this college?”

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One thought on “College Women Exploring Sapphic Desires

  1. fandango says:

    Angelina is a bit odd in some ways, but she has far more maturity and class than most of Hollywood. She is a giving person who has a meaningful cause that she believes in and ACTS on it. Britney doesn’t have ANY taste, any class, any maturity, or any intellect whatsoever. ZERO.

    those are just the girls who are insecure in themselves to the point that they have to pretend to want to make out w/ a girl to get more attention from guys. Guys figured that out a long time ago, and know how to pick the easy prey sluts that they can and leave. It’s COMMON knowledge, and these are just the girls that get talked DOWN by guys. Insecure and in desperate need of attention.

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