Columbus Short Blames Britney Spears For Pending Divorce

Britney Spears’ former dancer Columbus Short last year revealed his relationship with the singer helped break up his marriage. “It’s true I slept with Britney, [but] we never had sex because another person was in the room at the time,” he tells Star magazine. “We shared a bed and were really close, kissing and hugging. The chemistry was magical … our feelings were so strong.” Meanwhile, his wife was at home, pregnant with their first child. “It would be fair to say Britney caused major problems in our marriage,” says Short, obviously forgetting it would be fair to say he caused the majority of the problem. “Sadly, we’re now getting divorced.”

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13 thoughts on “Columbus Short Blames Britney Spears For Pending Divorce

  1. caramelninja says:

    Poor Britney if the crap hits the fan it’s always Britney – he can only blame himself.

  2. WaneInTheZone says:

    Man, Your nothing but a coward. Accept responsibility for your own actions. You made the decision to pursue a relationship with Britney, Despite having a pregnant wife at home. You could have opted to keep your relationship strictly professional, But your a dog…Plain and simple. Not too sure if this is true or not, But that’s what I’ve got to say about that.

  3. hellahooked says:

    I don’t know if this is true but if it is, why is he blaming Britney for this? It is HIS fault as well. You are stupid to have an relationship with Britney when you had a girlfriend/wife who was pregnant. Stop blaming others for your stupidity and I think it was you who caused major problems in your marriage because your the one who cheated on your girlfriend.

  4. Hotstar says:

    Well this could be crap but actually Columbus can not blame anybody but his own cheating ass. I have never understood why if married guy cheats the woman is supposed to be the villain. His ass has a ring and he got his wife pregnant, so he had the responsibility and commitment to his wife.

  5. rachel says:

    Britney Spears has always been in the cheating game, cheated on Justin and now cheated with a married guy. Oh and also Jason Alexander had a girlfriend when Britney took him to Las Vegas to get married. Only girls with low self- esteem and no class will act like this. Don’t blame her, blame that horrible mother Lynne Spears, her opportunistic ways messed up her kids.

  6. Carrie says:

    Britney is a free spirit. Girl’s got no morals. She doesn’t give a flying fu** who she screws up as long as she gets what she wants, which is why she’s rich & famous. She cheated on Justin, screwed Columbus, & I can bet was instrumental at destroying the Bennifer relationship. What happened to J Lo will eventually happen to her. I truly believe that what comes around goes around and eventually she’ll go thru some long suffering not that I wish her bad, but she deserves payback for seducing men who are taken and destroying their relationships.

  7. Christinacopp says:

    What a bunch of B.S. Like that article he would come out and say that…I’m sure he has a confidentiality clause in his contract with her. I don’t believe that at all.

  8. Fire_N_Ice says:

    What a cop out. Blame falls to them both. Her for fooling around with a married man in the first place, and him for being a cheating lying ass dog! Can’t whine about it now fool!

  9. Hotstar says:

    Yeah and she shot JFK too!! Brit had nothing to do with the Bennifer breakup. Please stop talking such ridiculous crap. Get a clue. Did you ever think the men and actually it is one man is to blame since he is committed. Shut up. She did seduce Ben and nobody know exactly what went down with Justin and Brit, okay.

  10. scratchnsniff says:

    They are both gross! He, for being a married man and putting himself in that position and her, for knowing he was married and allowing herself to be placed in that position as well. These kids really need to grow up!

  11. Meggz75 says:

    He needs to blame himself for it….it is not all Britney’s fault. Sure Brit should of backed away but at the time she was not the one in a committed relationship, he was. What a lame guy, he cannot even admit he was wrong. I hope his wife gets everything and if his wife needs a divorce lawyer, I work for one :)

  12. max says:

    Britney spears give your life to christ and stop behaving like a dog!

  13. shonda says:

    ya’ll forgot about kevin he was married to shar and she was pregnant too when Britney asked him to marry her smh

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