Conan Jokes About Britney And Wacko Jacko

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday, “At her concert the other night, referred to as a bitch. Yeah, in response during one of her concerts, Britney lip synced the same thing about Cher. It’s getting nasty.”

“Of course, Michael Jackson — everyone’s been talking about Michael Jackson. He’s lost his mind now. is so angry, I guess, at his record company the other day he picketed outside their offices. [ Laughter ] I’m not making any of this up. Picketed outside their offices with a sign that insults the company’s president, Tommy Mottola. Take a look at this picture. This is an actual picture (Michael holding the Tommy Devil sign). There’s the guy — This is real. He’s picketing outside. And not only that, Tito Jackson was spotted across the street carrying a different sign. Take a look at this. I thought it was shocking (Tito holding ‘Will work for food’ sign). I don’t understand how these things can happen. I had no idea. Tito must pay.”

‘Ingrate’ Falls Short Of Describing The Freak That Is Jacko

July 10, 2002 – Well Neil Travis of the New York Post isn’t mincing words on Michael Jackson’s trashing of Sony Music’s Tommy Mottola. Travis writes, ‘The word ‘ingrate’ falls far short of describing this freak who is now so viciously trashing his mentor, Sony’s Tommy Mottola. The company did everything and anything to make Jacko happy, even at a time when others might have cut their losses.”

Rev. Al Responds To Unnamed Sony Exec Comments

July 9, 2002 – After an unnamed record executive shot back that Michael Jackson’s sales were poor due to his scandalous past, Rev. Al Sharpton told Access Hollywood Tuesday, “These are no new allegations. It took them eight years and Michael now questioning their racism for them to be concerned about allegations. They think we’re going to buy that in Harlem?”

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