Conor Maynard: I Just Wanted To Lick Ne-Yo’s Face

Conor Maynard performs some music while in Portland and talks about his initial meeting with Ne-Yo, Michael Jackson being his dead or alive choice to collaborate with, and how he made a poor shoe choice to perform in

did an acoustic set for Live 95.5 in Portland, where the British pop artist talked about his first meeting with Ne-Yo, who he’d write a song with dead or alive, a song he’d like to cover that’s playing now, and a poor on-stage fashion choice.

Talking about meeting Ne-Yo for the first time, Conor said, “It was so embarrassing. I was such a loser. It was actually one of the first times I ever got to meet someone who was not only incredibly famous but at the same time a massive influence to me, like someone I listen to growing up and I got to meet him. I had to control myself so hard I just wanted to lick his face. I had to be normal because he was considering signing me and taking me on as an artist, so I had to kind of be like an artist and be normal. It was kind of weird though because the first time I met him, it was so out of the blue. Conor Maynard in Portland says it was difficult to not lick Ne-Yo's faceI got a call from his manager one day and he said, ‘Oh, Ne-Yo is in London and he wants to meet you.’ I said okay so I quickly got a taxi and luckily I was in London that day, because I didn’t live in London at that point, so I got a taxi and went to the Mayfair Hotel, this big fancy hotel in London, and I got there and I got a number to call and called the number, and the first thing the guy said was, ‘What are you wearing?’ I was like what is this? Then I realized they need to find me because the lobby was packed. He came downstairs and we went in the elevator and went upstairs. It was literally the lift opened and he literally was just there and I wasn’t ready for it. I was still adjusting myself getting myself ready and hyping myself up. I realized he was right there, so I hadn’t planned anything. I didn’t have my time to prepare myself, so the first time I met him was pretty embarrassing, but it went well in the end. We literally sat there watching YouTube videos in the end.”

On his dream songwriting collaboration, Conor said, “I think one of my biggest influences growing up was Michael Jackson, so if I ever got a chance to work with him, even if he just moonwalked on my face, that would be great. Just anything. He wouldn’t even have to like me. Working with him would be insane. Performing with him would even be more incredible.”

Explaining how shoe selection was his worst fashion decision on stage, Conor said, “I’ve worn shoes that are too slippery and ended up falling on stage. I thought I want to be able to move around and glide on the stage and look like a floating butterfly across the stage and stuff, and I realized that’s not always the best thing to do. I literally on my last day of my tour, I fell over singing the last song of the set. I stayed up the entire set, then the final minute of the hour I was on stage, I completely stacked it and fell over. That was so embarrassing.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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