Could Jessica Simpson Success Spoil Marriage With Nick Lachey?

Globe magazine reports that as dominates the spotlight over her husband of 98 Degrees, the couple’s marriage could be in trouble. An insider says, “Jessica’s hit the mother lode of success. Nick seems to be riding on her coattails.” Dr. Lois Mueller, who wrote ‘The 12 Toughest Marriage Problems’, explained, “Nick’s bound to feel resentment that her career is skyrocketing and his is in the doldrums. I think this is similar to the Sonny and situation. He bolstered her career and when she eclipsed him, his ego couldn’t take it.”

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8 thoughts on “Could Jessica Simpson Success Spoil Marriage With Nick Lachey?

  1. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Nah…as much as I respect Jessica and Nick, this whole thing is going to be short lived! I LOVE the idea of Jessica Simpson getting attention, even if it IS for something OTHER than her music! She’s a cute gal with a ton of potential…. But I don’t think this is going to last at ALL!

  2. rachel says:

    I have always bashed Jessica for being too dumb but today as I listened to her new song, I realize her voice is phenomenal. If she choose better in depth songs like Christina Aguilera or even Mariah, if she goes a bit soul instead of the poppy stuff, she will become big with her music. Nick I feel bad for him, he shouldn’t have released that *soulo* crap, all he needs to do is to go back to 98 degrees and release the slow r&b like songs that made them big for a while. Marriage, I really don’t think it will last because as much I like Nick lachey, he is a chauvinistic pig. The way he treats his wife sometimes is so wrong even though she is not the smartest tool in the shed.

  3. jlofan says:

    Nope they will not last because the main reason they got married was because they wanted to have sex!! there too young and stupid! and her career will also fail like her marriage!

  4. Cicero says:

    I can’t stand Jessica. She always has these vacant expressions on her face; you just want to slap her and cause her to have a thought. Britney and Christina are pretty stupid also, but they can at least probably beat a block of wood on an IQ test. I doubt Jessica can. That girl was way too sheltered growing up. Christina had problems, which made her grow a little, I think; and Britney was much more successful at a young age, so she was exposed to a lot more than just ma, pa and a church group 24/7. Whatever. I’m not hoping anything negative on her or her marriage. I just don’t like her, and I doubt she can, at this point, sing anything soulful or deep, just because she doesn’t have the intelligence or wisdom to.

  5. bsbandaaroncrazed says:

    I think their marriage is going to last. They are so in love with each other. And I think it really doesn’t matter who’s in the spot light more. If they love each other it won’t matter.

  6. PandaBear2003 says:

    I think this is all a load of CRAP and so is everyone who INSISTS they are in love. First WHAT SUCCESS does Jessica have? SHE HAS NOT signed on ANY deals yet, she STATES she’s being offered TONS of them but that started IN OCTOBER and 2003 is ALMOST over, WHAT THE H.ELL has she done? NOT A BLESSED thing. So she’s in the PRESS more than Nick? BIG FREAKIN DEAL. The kind of press SHE Is getting Nick sure as H.ELL doesn’t want. Don’t worry, their SO CALLED marriage won’t last long enough to cause LASTING damage. 98 Degrees was NEVER getting back together while NICK was with her and Nick has NOW stated the group is getting together VERY VERY soon. Sounds to me like Season 2 is about to be PULLED before it EVER AIRS!

  7. Mickielicious says:

    That’s what I am saying! What success? Wasn’t she playing at the shopping mall in Oklahoma? Woooo major success. Artists play wal-mart and stuff when they’re starting out on for the third studio release. What’s up with them using their house in all their videos? Are they going to write off the house on their taxes as a business expense? Lame-o…..has any one noticed Jeff is never seen on Newlyweds? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm.

  8. Jaggie says:

    i think the marriage will end because she uses him for career success (she drags him everywhere! he’s like her pocketbook!), she smothers him, and she’s so annoying and childish. Oh, and not to mention she’s a f**king idiot!

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