Courtney Love Spat Shatters Aguilera & Perry Friendship

In Courtney Love’s usual gibberish posting style, the recently jailed for drug use singer posted an update on working with Linda Perry, and how Perry had a falling out with when her manager told Perry that Love was a “loser” and a “druggo”. Love writes [translated], “I love Linda. She is the type of person who saves you when you feel like jumping. When Aguilera’s manager called her to tell her I was a loser and I can’t write and I’m a druggo and etc. she told him to go to hell and take Christina with her- and she meant it. Christina went to assert her sheer genius and I recall the quote, ‘Find her Courtney Love side’ and we get…. ‘Dirrty’?” Love also weighed in on the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez marital troubles. She wrote [again translated], “I love poor Affleck but he’s reminding me more and more of Sammy Davis. J.Lo is going to get the classist idiotic benefit of how to catch the jokes on Mr. Show – and why KingPin is a masterpiece. She’ll have mastered Caucasian fanzine Kevin Smith irony- and Ben will just be- I’ll still like him but man… I gotta shut my trap on the stuff because I’m speaking as a tabloid reader.”

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9 thoughts on “Courtney Love Spat Shatters Aguilera & Perry Friendship

  1. glammabella says:

    Who’s gonna believe this pathetic druggie? Her kids have practically been taken from her 5 times cause she can’t stay away from the snow.

  2. right_wing says:

    ^ okay smart one there she only has Frances but I can not understand how she is allowed to have her. God I feel for that girl I hope she turns out like her dad

  3. GoingUnderr says:

    Um why did she get mad when like Courtney love is a loser and a druggo. Gosh! Christina tired to seduce her, ***** this ***** will do anything.. dear dear me

  4. Carrie says:

    Courtney is such a waste of a brain. She’s an intellectual gone wrong. It’s a pity that there’s no one in her camp that has saved her yet. I thought Ed Norton was trying to get her into rehab. I do agree with things she says. She is to the point even if she can be insulting.

  5. IamARevenant says:

    You people are so stupid, drug addiction is a difficult and confusing thing, it’s not that easy to get rid of. Secondly, How do you know Courtney is a bad mom? She’s actually a very good mom, get over yourselves.

  6. musikluver says:

    I like Courtney Love, and on the news they said that before she was arrested she told the police officers that she was on prescribed medication XANEX .. which a lot of people don’t use it for whats prescribed for. but they also said that she wrote on the website that they did 4 breath tests on her and she had to make a decision whether to go to hospital or take ipecac (sp?) some drug to make you vomit.. she also said that the house she was breaking into was quote “two words, MY HOUSE” she sounded very strange in transcript and just fed up with the whole situation.. she’s been through a lot and I hope she gets better,but a drug problem is hard to overcome.. hang in there Courtney!

    Oh and so very typical for Christina and her people to do something like that. everybody is a threat to Christina. she’s probably not sick, just having a nervous breakdown because she worries too much about everybody else instead of herself.. Cortney will make it.. she’s the real fighter and survivor… Christina though, will be taking a fall soon if she don’t watch it.

  7. Tig says:

    That bad thing about this Courtney stuff, is that she is a chill actress, bold singer, but she’s always spitting some vomit about people, mostly to be in the headlines, everyone says she is an attention seeker, and a drug abuser, she needs some help, straight up…and evidently, she’s not getting the help and attention she needs, and she probably won’t until she kills herself.

  8. annita says:

    Don’t say Courtney is a pathetic waste… none of us are perfect enough to say that.’, ‘Courtney Love is actually very, very smart. My God she caught the eye of a legend!. She has lived a rough life since childhood (if you thought Christina’s few years with her father were bad, try reading Courtney’s books)… we should applaud her success which came from the grounds of sorrow. I’m not surprised Linda Perry chose Courtney, they have been friends since before we knew who Linda was. Plus it looks to me like Courtney didn’t breakup Christina and Linda’s friendship. It was Christina’s MANAGER who should have minded his/her own business and not judge others… cause her artist is a clear example of how we all have some problems in our lives. Whether it be drugs, abuse, or being constantly drunk in public!

  9. xtina_inspires says:

    WOW! She sure does a lot of drugs!!! She’s not exactly making the most sense! lol. I feel sorry for my sister for having to share a name with that thing!

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