Crazy Britney Spears!

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Britney Spears is officially crazy. Absolutely insane! And to prove my point, please watch her latest video, ‘Everytime’ And you have not seen it, please make sure that your nose is glued to MTV for at least 5 minutes since the video is currently on heavy rotation.

Britney Spears is extremely famous, and thus, it makes her extremely annoying too. Since not everyone on earth is insanely in love with her, the non-fans have to bear with watching her mug everywhere. Advertising for Toyota, Toxic and blah blah blah. It can get a little tiring, trust me.

But when this video came out and I just happened to bump into it, I cannot believe it is the same ‘Baby One More Time’ girl. My freaking God, what happened between those years? That old Britney was chirpy, plastic and cutesy but this Britney Spears is somehow haunting, somber and intelligent. Yes, I used the ‘I’ word for her. Then, it happened that another person standing beside me, who was just as mesmerized, told me that the song ‘Everytime’ was written by her for her ex. Hmmm… Interesting, I thought.

But the impact was so hard that it took me a while to digest. Then I went to the net and downloaded the video and watched it a couple of times. This is why I say that Britney Spears is crazy. That video/song is so soft, so honest and so vulnerable that it makes me feel guilty just for watching it. The location is in Las Vegas, the crime scene of her quickie marriage. She was mobbed by reporters and then upon seeing that tabloid magazine, her boyfriend blew up. She sang, “You noticed and you took my hand.” WAS SHE REFERRING TO HER LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PRESS? She apologized to someone in the video, just when she sank into the bathtub! DID SHE APOLOGIZE TO HERSELF? Wow! She said, “I know that I made it rain.” So, SHE KNEW SHE’S RESPONSIBLE.

Britney Spears is not the same girl she was once was. Now, with her almighty sexuality, her slick moves, her songwriting skills, she has one more to her belt: Enigma. Don’t make the same mistake with her. Everyone thought Madonna would not last. Do you know that the record company for The Doors refused to release their album till they appear more “normal”? And do you know that there was a bet among music exec in the USA that Beatles would never make it! Britney Spears is crazy.totally insane and that’s why I think I am beginning to like her.

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