Cris Judd Furious With J.Lo & Ben Affleck Sex Scene

The National Enquirer reports Cris Judd was so furious at the set of ‘Gigli’ during a sex scene between his wife and Ben Affleck, J.Lo had to send him away from the set to cool down. An insider revealed, “The scene required Jennifer and Ben to be naked and appear to really go at it. Cris erupted in a jealous rage because Ben is a good-looking guy and he and Jennifer definitely had chemistry. Ben was feeling especially uncomfortable having to passionately kiss and pretend to make love to Jennifer while Cris was standing guard. It became so uncomfortable that Ben refused to do the scene while Cris was on the set.”

Jennifer Lopez’s A Trooper At Cosmopolitan Cover Shoot

April 22, 2002 – Us Weekly spoke to an insider at the Cosmopolitan magazine cover shoot Jennifer recently did for their current issue. Lopez arrived on time at 9 a.m. and was a workhorse – she shot all day long and said she could have gone on. Lopez’s lunch was a Zone meal, which she had brown bagged with her.

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