Cris Judd & Jennifer Lopez Still Living Together Despite Split

The New York Post reports that despite the fact that had basically confirmed that she and Cris Judd have split, the two still live under the same roof and spend every moment together. A source explained, “Jennifer wants to have it both ways. She wants a man at home to cuddle and she also wants to be able to go out when she feels like it.” As for why Judd would put up with J.Lo being linked to movie co-star’s Ben Affleck and Ralph Fiennes, a music industry insider sniffed, “Oh, please. Cris Judd has a job because of Jennifer. He’s got everything because of Jennifer. What’s he going to say? He’s in a great position. Technically Cris still works for Jennifer and he gets all the perks.”

Liza Has The Most Stable Marriage After J.Lo Split

June 11, 2002 – Craig Kilborn joked during his Late Late Show monologue on Monday night, “I think you have all heard that has split with Cris Judd. Let’s think about it. Drew and Tom, Meg and Dennis and now J.Lo and Cris. Do you realize the most stable marriage in Hollywood is now Liza’s? That’s where we’re at.”

Cindy Adams Backtracking On Jennifer Lopez & Puffy Connection

June 11, 2002 – Looks like Cindy Adams is biting off a little more than she can chew with this Jennifer and Cris Judd breakup story. Adams says today that her earlier report of Puffy being J.Lo’s man again aren’t quite true. “Despite all his glitz and glam he’s taking the low road,” she said. “Trying to duck everyone. He absolutely 100 percent did not institute the Cris Judd breakup and yet the guy’s phones haven’t stopped ringing. So, leave him be.” Adams pleaded, “Now, everybody – forget bothering me with this story and with this Ben Affleck connection and with everything. I’m like Garbo and Puffy. I vant to be alone!”

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One thought on “Cris Judd & Jennifer Lopez Still Living Together Despite Split

  1. Syndney says:

    Even Page Six can’t keep up with their reports. You have Cindy Adams yesterday to leave her alone and Puffy. Now Page Six is saying there was no way Puffy and JLO would be together. You know the story is messed up when payed professionals like a gossip columnist can’t keep up with things.

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