Cris Judd Wins Celeb Reality Show & Opens Up About J.Lo

Cris Judd opened up for the first time about his relationship with ex-wife on ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’ last night. Cris ended up winning the event, beating out Melissa Rivers in the final, with his prize money going to the Make A Wish Foundation. The singer discussed with Melissa and Stuttering John how he first hooked up with a burping Jennifer Lopez in Spain and how she flew her family down to be with him during New Year’s. Judd also discussed the media frenzy the pair dealt with while together. Judd admitted the two don’t really talk anymore saying, “She’s moved on, I guess.” Every other contestant had great things to say about Cris in the end about what a nice guy he was, and he was in near tears in response. Read on for a transcript.

Cris: Like the whole time that when Jennifer and I were together all that stuff didn’t bother me. The exposure, the, being her husband. Didn’t bother me one bit.

Cris: One time I blew up at the paparazzi. I mean blew up. Jennifer
wanted to go to Chanel. So they followed us to Chanel. Jennifer was in there shopping. And it got so bad that she stayed in the dressing room the whole time, you know? Paparazzi were sending in people, like, pretend they were shopping but they were just like —

Rivers: Scoping.

Cris: Scoping. So they would be at the racks and be like, where is she? Where is she, you know? And by the time we decided to leave, there was like 200 people outside in the parking lot waiting for us. I mean, it was ridiculous. And the cops had to clear the people out so we could get out of the parking lot. Just like our engagement party, they followed us. We had security guys like actually cutting off cars. It didn’t faze me at all. I just knew this is what I had to do — this is what —

Rivers: You loved her enough. You knew what you were signing up for?

Cris: Absolutely.

Rivers: That was a feeding frenzy. There’s a ton of questions I’d still love to ask. But I think Cris and I are going to be friends for a long time. I’m sure in due course we’ll learn a lot more about each other’s lives.


Stuttering John: Would you ever go back?

Cris: That’s a hard question. The second I met Jennifer I knew. Second I shook her hand.

Stuttering John: Is it on the video set?

Cris: It was in rehearsal.

Cris: She had — she like released — she wanted a whole new set of dancers and wanted all guys. She wanted like guy guys, like the best guy dancers. She hired this choreographer and he laid out all of these head shots on the dance floor in rehearsal. And he goes, so who do you like? She goes, I don’t know, you pick. Who’s this one? She picks up my head shot.

Stuttering John: Oh, wow.

Cris: She’s like, hmmm, and he hired me. And then she found out who I was and stuff. So when she met me, she already knew who I was. But when I met her, I just knew right then and there.

Stuttering John:You had to make a move?

Cris: Well, when we went on the European MTV Awards, there were six guys and you know all the guys a trying to compete, be buddy buddy and stuff and trying to get her attention. I didn’t want to be that way, so I just hung back and then when that whole experience was over, we got called to go on a promotional tour and then she only hired two dancers. Me and another guy. And then she — that’s when we started talking and we got to, you know, got to know each other and stuff. One day we were in Spain, we were in Spain having a big dinner. She like invited the band down and the dancers and stuff. We sat in this old Spanish restaurant, you know. It was just like all wooden tables. Well walked in. I sat across from her. It was like hot inside. She goes, I need air, fresh air. So I just grabbed her hand and walked her outside. And we took a walk down the streets of Spain. And the whole time we didn’t say a word to each other. She kept burping.

Stuttering John: All right.

Cris: She was like burp, burp. She said she was embarrassed that she was burping in front of me. I was like, “that’s okay”. You don’t have to say a word. So we just walked down the street. And then we walked back. I held her hand walking in.

Stuttering John: How was the first kiss?

Cris: I think 1:00 in the morning the tour was over. I just, you know, just — when we kissed her lips were so soft.

Stuttering John: How did you make the move? That must have been nerve

Cris: It wasn’t. It was like a natural thing. It was in London. Then we got to asking what was was — what I was doing for Christmas, you know? And I was like, well my parents are coming to visit me. And then she goes, I have to go to New York for, for her family. I was like, okay. She goes, “What are you doing for New Year’s?” I said, “I’m going to be in L.A.” She said she wasn’t coming back. And then I get a call like a couple days after Christmas. She flew her entire family back to L.A. To have a New Year’s Eve party at her house so she could see me for New Year’s. So she was the first person I kissed in 2000 — 2001. 2001. Yeah. And then after that, we were together. It was great. She told me she loved me first.

Stuttering John: What’s that?

Cris: She said she loved m first.

Stuttering John: Really? That must have been nice. Do you still talk?

Cris: Not really. She’s moved on, I guess.

later with the host…

Host: Now, you’ve been really guarded about Jennifer this whole time. But last night this seemed to come out. What do you attribute it to?

Cris: I don’t know. We were discussing on how John first met his wife
and how he met her and, I don’t know. I just think it’s a nice — it was
just a nice beginning of start of a new life for me when I first met Jennifer. It was a beautiful moment. So I just felt, you know, compelled to say it. I mean, it was — I still have a lot of feelings for her and stuff. It’s — that kind of stuff I can share, you know?

Host: Do you think this experience showed a different side of Cris Judd?

Cris: No. No. I’m pretty much the same person as I came in. I haven’t — I told myself I wasn’t going to try and change or try to act up or try to — I just wanted to be myself. I’m one of the most easy going relaxed people you’ll meet.

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