Criss Angel Discusses Britney Spears On ‘Larry King Live’

Mentalist Criss Angel visited ‘Larry King Live’ how he feels about and her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. “Well, I was working with Britney on the MTV Awards where she was going to perform,” Angel said. “And I was asked by my manager, Dave Baram, who was also managing her career with Jeff Kwatinetz for a short time, to help put something together. So I met with Britney. We discussed something. Everybody loved what we came up with. But it required a tremendous amount of work and a dedication that Britney decided to not want to put forth and do something that she felt would be better suited for her. And I completely understand that and it’s totally, you know, cool.” Asked if he was embarrassed for the pop star’s critically panned ‘Gimme More’ performance, Angel responded, “You know, I understand what she goes through in her life. She lives under a microscope. And it’s unbelievable to see what this girl – it’s difficult to watch. And so I really feel for her. I really want the best for her. I want her to be happy. I want her to be – feel complete. And, you know, if she is happy with her performance, I guess that’s what matters.” Asked if he was linked to Britney personally, Angel said, “I mean, well – no. We were, we spent a lot of time together and we worked a lot on different things. But we didn’t, we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, let’s just say that.” Watch a clip below.

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