Critic Rips Britney For Constant TV Exposure

Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Sun Times ripped into for constantly being on television the last few weeks ahead of the release of Crossroads. Phil said, “Arrrgh! Is anybody else sick of seeing Britney Spears every time they turn on the set these days? Every five freaking minutes, she’s in an ad for Pepsi or Herbal Essence shampoo or this ‘Crossroads’ movie. Or she’s supplying the same much-rehearsed answers on talk shows like this or some pseudo-newscast to the same stupid questions about acting, her outfits, whether she considers herself a role model and her relationship with the kid from *NSYNC. Of course, all of that is far better than having to listen to her lip-sync another bland jingle. Is there anything less appetizing than a flavor of the month a few years later, when it’s gone rancid and stale?” Ouch…

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