‘Crysis 2’ Trailer Ft. Polly Scattergood’s ‘New York, New York’

performed a somber cover of the Liza Minnelli classic ‘New York, New York’ on the trailer for the videogame ‘Crysis 2’. The British singer songwriter told her Twitter followers (@pollyworld):

My manager is talking 2my record company about possibly releasing my cover of New York New York, at some point, if enough people want it x

Watch the trailer via YouTube below.

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18 thoughts on “‘Crysis 2’ Trailer Ft. Polly Scattergood’s ‘New York, New York’

  1. nano says:

    This song makes the game look so epic!! Great Song btw!!

  2. Ergo-Peoxy says:

    Jesus this song is a blessing… I love Polly Scatergood <3…The Game looks amazing too Oo"

  3. Mark Parker says:

    Oh this has got to be released as a single, it’s EPIC. Miss Scattergood is bloody amazing too. Adding both albums to my buy list.

  4. Moe says:

    Brings goosebumps to my skin and tears to my eyes. Love it.

  5. inov8r says:

    from where can I download this song? Because it’s amazing

  6. Tonyb says:

    Stunning version of a classic it MUST be released! Please!

  7. Nemrod says:

    Amazing song, please let us buy it !!!

  8. bambule says:

    if you want my two cents, you better release it ;)

  9. DOCNIC says:

    Definitely release the song Polly – just did a search for you because of it – started looking after the first few seconds of watching the trailer – it was very haunting – I’m glad they found such a good fit in you for this!

  10. nathan says:

    release it or regret it

  11. Alex says:

    There is a petition from Polly’s record co to help her release the song sign!


  12. Jack says:

    I watched this video 8 times and ripped the horrible explosion ridden audio onto a file witch I now have on my ipod. please do me the favor of releasing the song so that I don’t have to load up a YouTube video of a shooting game I don’t even understand just to feel the chilling, tingling sensation of brilliance I get every time I hear the 5 notes of this song.

  13. Neek says:

    Please, release this song as a single already!

  14. I WANT THAT SONG says:


  15. Scott says:


  16. Markuss says:


  17. Kaboooom says:

    Here you can download it! Its the only side, that I found it… gamefront.com/files/17177228/Crysis-2-OST-Polly-Scattergood—New-York-Wall-Trailer.mp3/

  18. NauticalFox says:

    This song adds so much intensity to the commercial makes it stand out above all was an awesome game can’t stop playing it.

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