Czech Airlines Excess Baggage Charge Infuriates Kerli

lashed out at Czech Airlines on her blog at MySpace (@kerlimusic) on Thursday (March 5), angry after being charged for going over the weight limit with her luggage. The Estonian singer tells readers:

Can u believe this?
Czech Airlines just charged me like 500 dollars for like the smallest overweight in the world. I can’t fu**ing believe this. They are offering really good prices and then completely rip off people with their 20 kg policy.

That’s like how much my mom makes every month and my flight was probably only half of that.


I totally shot the messenger and throw a mini fit at the airport.

But seriously. Come on people. Are you for fu**ing real?

Stuff like this just makes me so angry at the world and how everything is turned into a money making machine and nobody cares about people.


Feels better already.

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