D.A. Wallach: American Music Awards Are A Joke

D.A. Wallach of checked in with his Twitter followers (@DAChesterFrench) minutes ago sharing his impressions of Sunday night’s American Music Awards. Wallach writes:

These AMA’s are like a joke. It feels like a talent show.

@MrTommyLand No bands! I want some rollercoaster drums or something. WTF? It just fu**ing sucked. I miss bands.

I feel like an old man but I want Nirvana, I want Smashing Pumpkins, I want a**holes who don’t give a fu**.

really is better than this garbage. And yes, the product integrations were outrageous.

This was just pure art as business. Which is fine sometimes, but I want some variation.

LMFAO was great though. That was by far my favorite thing of the night. Authentic and funny.

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