D Side Have One-Track Minds – Girls, Girls, Girls

The Glasgow Daily Record reports caught up with Damien Bowe from who talked about how the group has been able to score with beautiful women at will since becoming singing stars. Damien Bowe said, “The life in a boy band is everything I ever dreamed about. I started off playing in a pub band. We get a lot of attention from the girls and have chanced our arm with some fantastic women. We’ve snogged a few gems. Dane was with Alicia Duvall and it’s hard to keep up with him, but I have had a few girls. You can’t help but go up to Page Three girls.” As for what they’ll be up to when touring Scotland, Bowe said, “Under no circumstances will we be behaving ourselves. We’ll have a great time in Glasgow and Aberdeen. We’ll be hitting the clubs and parties. We’ll find where the crew and other bands are going and that’s where we’ll go.”

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