Dad Makes More Creepy Comments On Jessica Simpson’s Boobs

More uncomfortable comments are coming from Joe Simpson about his daughter Jessica. Blender quotes the ex-minister turned music manager remarking, “Her chest is ahead of her by 2 or 3 feet – it gets there before she does.”

Joe Simpson’s Double Duty

December 29, 2004 – When was 12, her father Joe gave her what he called a promise ring, vowing to be the man in her life until she got married. “I was serious about saying to Jessica, ‘You know what? I am gonna be the dad that tells you how beautiful you are everyday, and I’m gonna be the dad that says even when you make a mistake you’re still special, and I am gonna do that until the day you find a man who will do it and take my place so that’s what the ring was about,” Joe told ‘Access Hollywood’ co-host Billy Bush.

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12 thoughts on “Dad Makes More Creepy Comments On Jessica Simpson’s Boobs

  1. trluk says:

    The Simpsons are such nice people but I wish they’d combine Newlyweds and Ashlee in a one hour show so we could get more an insight into the family as a collective.

  2. pdisfullofidiots says:

    Bull. it was a virginity promise ring. that creepy southern preacher wanted to be “the man in her life” who molested her inside his confession booth “until the day she finds a man to do it and take his place”.

  3. SpiceSquirrel says:

    I’m officially jumping on the “Joe Simpson is one creepy dude” bandwagon! I wonder if Joe gave a “special ring” to Ashlee as well? Or was she too ugly? Poor Jessica – if I could go back in time, I would give her a cell phone with Child Protective Services on speed dial.

  4. Justincaseyestwo says:

    OK, this man has got to be stopped. Nick Lachey needs to have a long, private, personal conversation with the “father” of his wife. And by the way, her boobs are NOT that big and definitely NOT that attractive. Someone needs to get Nick to do something about this. Nothing that has been said about them (Nick and Jessica) is as bad as listening to “papa” talking about his daughter’s body. Doesn’t ANYONE in this family find this weird??? Really makes you wonder.

  5. hellahooked says:

    Can Joe Simpson get any more perverted and creepier? That’s sick, disturbing and disgusting.

  6. BLUEGEMINI7 says:

    This man won’t stop. How gross! Somebody put tape over his mouth, cut his tongue off or knock his teeth out. He better shut up before Jessica starts realizing certain inappropriate situations that are “not normal.” Of course, it would take Jessica a long while before she can make sense out of anything but… Joe better watch it. Nick better do something about it as well. We have to hear Jessica’s father talk about her body more than Jessica’s own husband. Is that pathetic or what? Sicko!

  7. astrange1 says:

    Since Jessica has the mind of a 6 year old, can we still call Child Protective Services on this sick man? Every time this man opens his mouth, it becomes more and more obvious exactly how he wants her to be “daddy’s little girl.” Where’s Lorraine Bobbitt when you need her?

  8. scratchnsniff says:

    No Wonder Nick Hates Him…’, ‘I’m sure he never expected to be married to both her and that creepy “christian” father of hers. Sounds like a typical Christian southern family to me. I bet Ashlee is so jealous that she wasn’t chosen to be daddy’s “girl”! That man is disgusting and needs to get a freakin’ life!

  9. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Does Joe just stare at Jessica’s boobs all day long? Does he even know what her face looks like? Does he wish he was Nick for just one night so he could do his own daughter? What a sick twisted pervert! He makes my skin crawl! Someone needs to tell him to keep his nasty mouth shut!

  10. jazzprofounder says:

    Um, okay. Does Nick or anybody find this disgusting and uncomfortable? A father talking about how beautiful his daughter is is one thing, but bragging about her boobs and nothing else is just sick. Her boobs aren’t that big to be bragging about. Even so, it’s just disturbing to think that any father would be looking at his daughter’s boobs and talking about it so much.

  11. Steve Chenoy says:

    And she never found a man :( She found Nick Lachey instead

  12. Nikki says:

    You incorrectly stated “December 29, 2004 – When Jessica Simpson was 12”. Jessica was born in 1980, making her 24 at that time, & married to Nick Lachey.

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