Dad Says AJ McLean Is Not Back In Rehab

A fan on the forum at claims to have received an e-mail from AJ McLean’s father Bob who insists despite the cancellation of his wedding to Sarah Martin, the singer has not fallen off the wagon. “I can tell you he is NOT back in rehab, I just talked to him as he was going into one of his AA meetings and all is fine with him,” Bob said. “He does attend regular AA meeting every week, like most recoveing addicts do, there is nothing out of the ordinary about that. He has found the meeting very helpful in dealing even with ordinary day to day problems and issues. So just to let you know, Alex is NOT back in rehab.”

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One thought on “Dad Says AJ McLean Is Not Back In Rehab

  1. baby-aj says:

    will love u aj..forever…

    p/s: i’m already married :)

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