Dad Says Nadine Was Shocked By Jesse’s Booze Problem

Nadine Coyle’s father Niall tells Reveal he was shocked to hear the singer’s boyfriend Jesse Metcalfe had alcohol problems and is currently getting help at a rehab facility. “Nadine is in total shock. She never saw this coming, and neither did we,” Niall explaiend. “We saw Jesse regularly when we were in the US, and we often thought he drank less than us. Maybe he was trying to hide the fact that he had a problem from the people he cares about. She is devastated this has happened and blames herself that she didn’t see the warning signs. They are staying together. She has been on the phone to Jesse for hours every day since he went into rehab to try and give him support. She will be there for him while he goes through the program and will be there when he comes out.”

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