Dad’s Proud Of No Dumb Blonde Jessica Simpson

Even if ‘Newlyweds’ portrayal of Joe Simpson’s daughter Jessica isn’t very flattering, he tells TV Guide he’s proud of the singer. “What’s happening here is Jessica knows she’s on camera,” he insisted to TV Guide Online. “Since she was a little girl, people have been calling her a dumb blonde, [so] she begins to assume the role that everybody expects of her. That doesn’t mean that’s who she is. It’s a part of her personality, but it’s one that she’s enhancing on the show. It’s nothing that’s not real, but she unintentionally exaggerates.”

He’ll get to see more of his daughter on TV with husband of 98 Degrees, as MTV has picked up a second season of cable’s second-highest rated cable show after ‘Sex and the City’.

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8 thoughts on “Dad’s Proud Of No Dumb Blonde Jessica Simpson

  1. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    She’s not really AS stupid as she looks, she’s just unintentionally exaggerating to meet others’ expectations? Wow, I think that’s even worse than being just being flat out dumb.

  2. jadelove says:

    So she assumes the role of dumb blonde because when she was a little girl people called her one? Hmm, I have seen pics from when she was a child and she wasn’t blonde then. So this just does not fly. Next excuse please!

  3. ballersfantasy says:

    Wow, its the second-highest rated cable show? I was wondering how well it was doing. Well I’m glad MTV picked it up for a second season because that show is hilarious. (well at least how Nick punks her)

  4. AntiBubbleGumMachine says:

    Lucille Ball was a savvy business woman (she was the first woman to run a production company- Desilu and the person responsible for multi camera shots in a TV sitcom- previously only one camera was used to film the entire episode). Actually bookmarker, it was her husband and I Love Lucy co-star Desi Arnaz developed the multi camera technique and was the ‘brains’ behind Desilu Productions’ success as of The I Love Lucy franchise and other shows such as Desilu Playhouse and The Untouchables. However, you are right about Lucille Ball. she’s was one hell of a actress-comedienne and very business savvy. To have the Rev. Joe Simpson to compared her daughter Jessica to Ms. Ball’s comedic talents is not only very degrading, but downright insulting. Only one thing funny about Jessica is she said or do dumb things..for REAL!

  5. weebongo says:

    The shows ratings have been going up ever since it’s debut. They have blocks of it on every weekend. Yesterday they had on like 4 episodes in a row. So Jess must be doing something right if it’s one of the hottest shows on cable. Maybe Jess really does know what she’s doing to make a hit show and is smarter than we all give her credit for. She just might be a perfect actress like Madonna. Not Madonna’s acting in the movies but when it comes to the public.

  6. PandaBear2003 says:

    Yes it’s called being a complete and utter MORON as people LOVE LAUGHING AT HER! I know that’s why I WATCH. Nah Jessica is NOT smart enough to know what makes a hit show. She doesn’t know WHY people laugh at her and only says she’s exaggerating because that’s what her DADDY tells her to say.

  7. Gi says:

    Joe Simpson needs to get a grip!! I love how he is making excuses for his daughter…no one really started saying that “Jess is a moron” stuff until well after the series began. She wasn’t putting on any dumb act during the filming… By the way, is anyone feeling some gay vibes from Mr. Simpson??? Did you guys see when he just about called Jess a bleep before her NBC appearance?? My husband almost jumped out his chair … he seemed to think that Joe was gay… Hmm.

  8. bookmarker says:

    She’s better looking than the “average” person and has a 6 octave voice??!!?? Well at least we now know why Jessica is SO full of herself! Take away all the fakeness of Jessica(the fake hair color; hair extensions; teeth whitening; tons of make up; liposuction; dermatologist; yards of two way tape) and Jessica is BELOW average in the looks department to anyone who is not bowled over by HUGE flabby boobs (literally and figuratively!) Why is it that Jessica’s voice has gained an octave but it sounds so much worse? My cat has a 6 octave range when my dog steps on it’s tail can it sign with Sony too? As for Jessica being compared to Lucy- give me a break. Lucille Ball was a savvy business woman (she was the first woman to run a production company- Desilu and the person responsible for multi camera shots in a TV sitcom- previously only one camera was used to film the entire episode). Lucy was also a comedic ACTRESS- I Love Lucy was SCRIPTED- so were ALL of her shows! Jessica Simpson is not a business woman or an actress- she is just plain STUPID and now the whole world knows it!

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