Daily Star: Furious Fans Rage At Mel C

Contributed by datahomi:

Daily Star reports Mel C fans are spitting with rage after being told that they’ll have to PAY to see her new video on the internet. Devotees logging on to the former Spice Girl’s official website melaniec.net are greeted with a pop up window offering them the chance to see the vid for new single ‘Yeh Yeh Yeh’. But it costs £3 to take a peek at the action.

One group of fans is encouraging visitors to the site to bombard it with the signature “granny” – to register their deep disapproval. One Mel C admirer writes with ill-disguised contempt: “We do not support the idea of Virgin asking money for this low quality material in the first place.

“We are sticking together against this ridiculous thing. With this unique action, we want to make clear to Melanie, her management and Virgin Records that we do not tolerate this kind of behavior.”

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