Damn, Enough Already *NSYNC Fans!

Contributed by annaliasion:

Fans of *NSYNC, Read this with an open mind . Over the course of a few months since I first found this little slice of net heaven called “Popdirt”.. I’ve discovered that some of you fans are for some reason very venomous. Why? With all the accolades and record breaking sales you claim that *NSYNC has achieved, some of you guys have a very long, rigid, sticks up your asses. Why? Dammit..I wanna know why. Brian and his baby mamma are doing pretty well and he’s working on his gospel album. Despite his trials and tribs, our AJ is getting ready to bear his soul on a edgy new album. My baby, D. is still doing his thing with the fight against lupus and working on his album. And finally the one that seems to impress me more and more everyday..Nicky has not only gone gold WITHOUT ANY HEAVY ASS PROMO AND ONE VID but also working with accomplished actors ( Isaiah Washington..rent Romeo Must die) in what will most likely be two big ass blockbusters in the years to come. That is something u will have 2 live with. We lived thru *NSYNC stealing our 2001 VMA Viewers Choice, didn’t we? And the 2. whatever mil sold by no strings all because some fans were out there buying 2 and 3 copies each..hmmm?

For all this groovy extraordinary sh** that your boy Justin…….and everybody else has been doing, y’all continue to trip. All I have to say is get over it. If you truly believed your guys were better than BSB you would not need to ram old 2 year old sh*t down our throats about record sales etc. etc. etc .etc. because we all know how *NSYNC loves promo!

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One thought on “Damn, Enough Already *NSYNC Fans!

  1. JessPhilly says:

    oy!!! There is the SAME amount of stupid bashing from Nsync fans and BSB fans. Why must you people spend SO much time trying t prove who is better. they are both good and people just have different tastes. Some of you people need to accept that. People like badass4backstreet have their head up their as and refuse to think they are wrong. “Nsync fans are evil and anyone who disagrees is wrong!” How *****ing immature is that? Both sides need to COOL IT because its just a waste of time.

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