Dan Black Talks About ‘Symphonies’ Video & VMA Nominations

talked with Spinner about the concept for the ‘Symphonies’ video and if he thought it was strange to be nominated for a VMA against the likes of Lady Gaga and Gorillaz. The ‘Symphonies’ video was nominated in the Best Special Effects and Breakthrough Video categories, which were won by Muse and The Black Keys respectively.

“Yeah, the disparity between every part of my world and theirs couldn’t be more extreme,” Black confessed. “The amount of records I sell, the venues I play, even my cultural impact is so – it’s kind of a joke how different – how small I am compared to them, but a lot of it is a reflection of the video.”

The interview video at AOL has since been removed.

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  1. Steve says:

    Really cool interview his new singles amazing I suggest anyone who reads this check it out.


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