Daniel Bedingfield Experiences “Deliciously Bad Feeling” Writing ‘Secret Fear’

Daniel Bedingfield 2012

TheDishmaster.com spoke with in a Q&A, asking the pop singer about where he’s been for the last eight years, his ‘Stop The Traffik – Secret Fear’ EP, how it feels to finally be independent and off the label, how all of his songs are true, not liking to play music for his family of musicians, interacting with fans on Twitter, and baring all in his ‘Rocks Off’ music video.

“The beginning of that song is so shocking, what it says,” Bedingfield said about the track ‘Secret Fear’. “I’m so frightened that any woman that I date will hear the lyrics and think I won’t be happy with her. It was a deliciously bad feeling writing that. I knew I could be fu**ing my life hard-core. I was getting-off on the danger. Imagine you’re lying in bed as my wife and thinking of those lyrics.”

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