Daniel Bedingfield: It Was A Complete Miracle That I Lived

In an interview with The Glasgow Daily Record, opened up about the automobile accident that almost took his life. “Nothing in life compares to almost dying and nearly killing your best friend in a car crash,” Bedingfield said. “I was sitting right next to my friend Paul who scratched himself on the way out and that was it. I got crushed and broke my neck in 10 places. I have never been afraid of death and I wasn’t scared. That was the good thing. When it came, I was like, ‘Hi death, what’s up?’ ‘As I lay trapped under the jeep it was weird. I knew I had snapped something but I didn’t understand all the ramifications. I was probably in shock but I handled it alright. I was super calm. I made sure the paramedics put a neck brace on me before they pulled me out. I knew something wasn’t right. I was half a millimeter from death. There was no way I should have survived and the doctors couldn’t under-stand it. I had broken the vertebrae high up in the neck and which can paralyze your heart rate and stop you from being able to breathe. Most people who break those bones don’t make it. They die instantly and the others are on life support. The hospital had never had someone survive my injuries so they didn’t know how to deal with me. They sent all over New Zealand and Australia and found a good doctor to treat me. He told me that I should have been dead, that it was a complete miracle that I lived.”

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