Daniel Bedingfield Talks And Performs On TRL

Daniel Bedingfield 'Gotta Get Through This'

Daniel Bedingfield stopped by MTV”s Total Request Live on Friday to talk with Hillary and perform ‘Gotta Get Through This’ and later wrapped up the show with ‘James Dean’. Daniel also brought along his girlfriend Gina and introduced her, saying it was her who inspired him to write ‘Gotta Get Through This’. Read on for a transcript.

Hillary: Thanks for comin’ out. They love you here.

Daniel: What?

Hillary: The girls love you, freaking out. Did you know it is ladies
day on TRL today.

Daniel: Really?!

Hillary: Where are the ladies


Daniel: Looks like ladies day on TRL today.

Hillary: They are all here for you born in New Zealand and raised in
New York City. How do you like it.

Daniel: I like New York City it beats with the same tempo of my heart
you know what I’m sayin’.

Hillary: Your album has a very cool story you recorded most of the tracks in your bedroom on your computer in your underwear.

Daniel: In my underwear.

Hillary: — The record himself to get the music out.

Daniel: The less I have on the more free I feel.

Hillary: Really? You want to get free here.

Daniel: Get free, baby

[Cheering] Plaintiff.

Hillary: Now that the album has totally blown what will you do with the next, still record it in your underwear.

Daniel: Absolutely.

Hillary: Are you going to stay in your bedroom or go in the studio.
Do it out in the street.

Hey, why not I tell you what, let me say nothing and lift my arms up
and see if they still scream that’s fantastic, wonderful.

Hillary: They can do anything you want they will still scream they are
great. The song has a great sister, too tell us about this.

Daniel: This gorgeous fiery red-head called Gina

Hillary: I think she’s in the crowd.

Daniel: This is Gina I wrote the song for her and never told each other.

Hillary: How does it feel. Everybody loves this.

Gina: I’m very, very honored.

Daniel: You guys can see why; right?


Daniel: Now.

Hillary: Oh, that’s a little nice moment there. Thank you so much. People are talkin’ about your album and how your sound is so original, unique, everybody is so excited how original it is. What do you think your sound is like?

Daniel: Uhm, well, — doin’ [Inaudible] Quite a while in London but it’s dance music a journalist once described Stevie Wonder and sting and Michael Jackson trapped in a basement.

Hillary: The acoustic version of this has a sting taste to it, very

Daniel: Ooh, thank you.

Hillary: I hear you do a bit of a beat-box can i get a little taste
of that? () ( )


Daniel: Ice, ice, baby () ( )

Hillary: Oh, man you are too good you are too good hey, are you a fan of Shakira by any chance.

Daniel: Shakira rocks.

Hillary: I heard you are workin’ with Mariah Carey. Would you think about workin’ with Shakira.

Daniel: Yeah, I would actually.

Hillary: Here she is, Shakira “Objection (tango)”

He then performed ‘gotta get through this’ and later wrapped up the
show with ‘James Dean’

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4 thoughts on “Daniel Bedingfield Talks And Performs On TRL

  1. elgato says:

    I dig Daniel. Him and Thicke are the future of solo pop artists.

  2. saturn says:

    He’s an egotistical maniac that needs to be stopped. If you read some of his interviews he goes on about how people think he’s a god and he’s putting the best music out there at the moment. My friend bought his album on the strength of GGTT and it was absolute crap. He’s becoming a laughing stock in the UK now, so he runs to America. For once, I’m gonna give you some friendly advice. Do NOT buy his album. You WILL be disappointed.

  3. elgato says:

    Still, that song “Gotta Get Through This” is tight. It’s different from what everyone else is doin’ and that’s always a good thing. I’d rather someone be arrogant and different than humble and a copycat.

  4. saturn says:

    True. GGTT is a tight song, which is why my friend bought the album. But he’ll probably be a one-hit wonder. Like you said, his arrogance could be justified if he had more songs like GGTT, but he doesn’t. The only other half-way decent song is James Dean(I wanna know). Everything else was disappointingly rubbish.

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