Dannii Minogue Defends Herself Over Racist Claims

Radio 1 reports is defending herself over her comments in GQ magazine about Asians changing life in her home of Queensland which has brought an angry response from the Anti-Nazi League, describing her as a racist and hypocrite, having emigrated to England herself. “There were a lot of things talked about in the interview, but I think I’ve been wildly misquoted,” Dannii said. “I come from a really multi-cultural country and I love that. I love having grown up with loads of people from different nationalities and in Australia that’s been a good thing and I can only comment on my experiences. Look, wherever you go in the world people are gonna have different views on it. My view, where I grew up in Melbourne, I had a great time and it was all a good thing.”

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One thought on “Dannii Minogue Defends Herself Over Racist Claims

  1. mohammad says:

    she should to know Australia is not a white country , this is the country of a black aboriginal, and white came 1788 and took this country illegally without any agreement , so she should to know Australia is not her country rather she was just born in illegal land!!!

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