Dannii Minogue Doesn’t Fancy Justin Timberlake

tells Smash Hits that she didn’t end up at *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake’s hotel after the Brit Awards. Dannii said, “When the newspapers said I’d slept with Justin, I was in shock.” Asked if she fancies Justin, she says, “I wouldn’t snog him, no.”

Dannii Convinced She Won’t Marry Again

March 17, 2003 – The Sunday Mirror reports is convinced she will never wed again after her failed 16 month marriage to actor Julian McMahon. “I am never going to be the same again no matter how much I try to be really open about it – I am still really hurt by it,” she said. “I don’t know what marriage means anymore – I don’t know if I will get married again. The hardest thing is to be married and divorced.”

Dannii On Top Of The Pops

March 13, 2003 – Top of the Pops chatted with and they asked her how things are going with her sister Kylie Minogue. “We’re gonna do some songwriting together now that she’s finished touring,” Dannii said. “We definitely wanna get involved in that and from there we’ll see what happens. We’re not particularly writing for her or me or anyone. At the moment we’re trying to figure out what producers to use because neither of us can play any instruments.”

Dannii Desperate For A New Guy

March 9, 2003 – The Sunday People reports Dannii Minogue is desperate for a new boyfriend after her split with Craig Logan three months ago. “I don’t know if they’ve got any idea she’s about to strike but they are very lucky blokes,” a pal said. “Dannii looks hotter than she has in years. Like Kylie she loves sex and knows that her body is her best weapon.” The singer reportedly has her eye set on Craig David, Westlife’s Kian Egan, or Pop Idol Darius Danesh.

Dannii Backtracks On Beckham

March 8, 2003 – The Mirror reports Dannii Minogue wants to apologize to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham after saying her husband David is “incredibly sexy” and expressing a desire to have sex with the soccer star in the rain. “All I can do is clear the air with Victoria at some point, then there will be nobody I feel I have annoyed,” she said. “Apparently I am in trouble for what I said, but I haven’t heard what Victoria’s retort was. But me and every other normal girl in the country fancies David. He’s gorgeous and there’s nothing wrong with appreciating a good-looking bloke.”

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