Dannii Minogue & James Gooding To Come Face To Face

Two confirmations for the Saatchi Gallery launch party are and her sister Kylie Minogue’s ex-boyfriend James Gooding, according to The Mirror. “There’s no love lost between those two,” says a source. “Dannii is furious over the way he treated Kylie and his ungallant kiss-and-tell. He better stay out of her way.”

Dannii Intimidates Guys, Makes Girls Jealous

March 30, 2003 – WENN reports that Dannii Minogue has claimed her good looks intimidate people and have caused people she works with to hate her. “Guys are definitely intimidated,” she said. “Women are sometimes jealous. A while ago, I worked on a TV show in England with a very talented woman. She hated me because I was pretty. It was hell. I was delighted to work with her and it was a real shock to find that she was intimidated by me.” Before sounding too arrogant, she added, “If I thought I was perfect or really beautiful or the greatest talent on earth, that would give me a big ego, and that would be dangerous for me.”

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