Dannii Minogue Lands 4-Album Deal Worth $5.5 Million

Even though she’s been dropped by three record labels in her solo singing career, Dannii Minogue has gotten a four-album $5.5 million deal with Universal off-shoot All Around The World records. “Dannii is tough – when things didn’t work out at Warners she kept working on new material,” a source said told The Mirror. “She’s convinced her new stuff is her best.” Dannii’s new single, ‘You Won’t Forget About Me’, is set for release next month, and according to an insider, it’s “a sure-fire Number One.”

Dannii Sets Release Date For New Single

June 29, 2004 – Danniimusic.com reports that the brand new single ‘Come And Get It’ (JCA & Dannii Minogue) is released by WEA Germany on Monday, September 6th. The single is featured as a hidden track on Dannii’s gold selling album ‘Neon Nights’.

Dannii’s Split With Warner Music Was Mutual

June 8, 2004 – After tabloid reports claimed Dannii Minogue was dumped by Warner Records, the singer’s official website posted a statement insisting it was a mutual decision to split. The website stated: “Contrary to the stories circulating in the press about Dannii’s record deal being terminated by Warner Music, it was in fact a mutually agreed decision to end their partnership. The decision came due to changes in personnel at London Records and the departure of the incredible team that Dannii had worked with over the past four years. Dannii has nearly completed her follow up album to the gold-selling Neon Nights , which will become her 5th studio album.”

Warner Dumps Dannii

May 21, 2004 – Warner Records has pulled the plug on Dannii Minogue after her ‘Neon Nights’ CD made little impression on the charts. An industry insider told The Sun: “Dannii won’t be releasing another record with Warner. She enjoyed some success but just doesn’t sell enough records to merit a new deal. Dannii’s a bit disappointed but has vowed to get a new deal elsewhere.” Read more.

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3 thoughts on “Dannii Minogue Lands 4-Album Deal Worth $5.5 Million

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    Three record labels later, And Danni has yet to get a clue. Your sister may have been able to achieve success with limited talent, and poor stage presence…But you can’t, Hell you’re not even as like-able.

  2. weebongo says:

    Dannii had some great songs on her last album like Put The Needle On It. If the music scene in the US were different, not nearly as much hip-hop she would be big here.

  3. LeftOfTheMiddle says:

    Her last album was a great pop/dance album, I agree that if lame hip/hop/rap was not dominating here, the Minogue sisters would be successful here, they make good pop music. Kylie has GREAT stage presence, her LIVE shows are amazing, you should check out her Fever Live, and her Live From Sydney DVD’s.

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