Dannii Minogue Slams ‘Diva’ Simon Cowell

Dannii Minogue tells News of the World that ‘The X Factor’ creator Simon Cowell has been giving her the cold shoulder since Girls Aloud star joined the judging team. Still, Dannii says Simon’s treatment is easier to deal with than the war she had with Sharon Osbourne the prior season.

“This year has been very emotional and I admit I’ve struggled to deal with it all, especially with Simon, who is the biggest diva on the show,” the 36-year-old said. “ doesn’t even compare to him! I guess Simon and I don’t talk much any more, definitely nothing like last year when I was next to him on the panel and was also the new girl. He moved me away from him and now sits next to Cheryl and is in her ear all the time. It is a snub but I’m fine. It’s nothing compared to what I had to go through last year.”

Louis Walsh Predicts Dannii Minogue Will Be Axed From ‘X Factor’

The Daily Mail reports Dannii Minogue is set to be axed from ‘The X Factor’, making way for Sharon Osbourne to return to the ITV hit next season. Sharon had left the show because of an icey relationship with the Aussie pop star, and now Dannii has been upset because Sharon’s replacement of Girls Aloud has been getting more airtime. “Obviously Dannii would be the one to go,” fellow ‘X Factor’ judge Louis Walsh said regarding Sharon’s return, “having Sharon and Cheryl Cole on the show together is too good an opportunity to miss.”

Walsh took a further dig at Dannii by talking up Cole and saying she’s better looking than Dannii. “Cheryl has come in and is doing a fantastic job. She’s a natural and definitely has a career in television,” Walsh enthused. “She brings the emotion that Sharon did, without the mad streak. And, of course, she’s absolutely stunning. She’s the prettiest girl on the show and will be sat next to Simon during the live shows. He always sits next to the prettiest girl so there is no doubt in my mind that he’ll get Cheryl.” Read more.

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